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DC  Creations

Dynamic Curriculum Creations - For all your CAPS and IEB Curriculum requirements and Teacher Resources


Chemistry and Physics

Key Features:

  • Student textbook and workbook combination that is based on the 2021 revised IEB SAGs
  • Grade 11 and Grade 12 combined so that the entire matric syllabus is contained in a single book, giving teachers the freedom to teach the topics in the order they prefer over the two year period.
  • Physics and Chemistry workbooks are separate as the content is examined in separate papers. Since learners write in the workbooks, all the content is kept in one location.
  • Workbooks have been designed to support both learning and teaching in the classroom as well as with the digital integration of videos and resources, making them suitable for learners to use during online learning.
  • Comprehensive list of syllabus definitions and SAGs checklist for learners to monitor their progress in the curriculum.
  • Completed worked examples as well as selected worked examples that can be done together in class while learners follow along with the teacher or whilst watching the video.
  • Highly visual and appealing to learners - high quality colour images to illustrate difficult - to - picture concepts.
  • Exercises and activities are targeted to rehearse basic concepts and then extend the learners with higher order problems.
  • Content is designed to highlight, reinforce and rehearse important concepts.
  • Online practise questions at the end of each unit allow learners to check that they have understood the concepts, as well as inform teachers about learner progress.

A full teacher's guide to support teachers, with answers to all the exercises and additional teacher support material.

Digital Integration through QR Codes

new active learning approach in the DC Creations workbooks offers students a structured learning path and provides a reliable, consistent framework for mastering the CAPS Natural Science concepts.

DC Creations Exploration Series textbooks and workbooks carry QR codes, which create digital integration into both our printed books and eBooks. These codes provide links to video clips, electronic assessments, tutorials and customised or related reading to help learners understand a subjects content better.

Quick Response (QR) codes is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, which are essentially links that can be read by smartphone cameras.

Our DC Creations Exploration Series textbooks and workbooks are “energised”, carrying QR codes, which allow the learners to access video and electronic assessments and additional material to supplement the comprehensive content already included in the books.

The learners can go beyond the textbook knowledge to study a particular chapter or content with just a mobile phone to download the altcontent through these digital codes. For example, in our Natural Science textbook, the lesson which explains the functioning of the heart, there is a QR code printed next to the content heading. Scanning the QR code will lead to the video content for the functioning of the heart, thereby providing the learner a deeper understanding of the material and visually explaining the content to the learners in digital format.

Our basic idea towards the initiative is to take the learner beyond imagination and feel the reality, thereby improving lesson understanding and their report grades. If a teacher explains about a flower, a child can understand because he can actually imagine a flower in reality. But if the teacher explains about  functioning of the brain, the learner cannot imagine or feel the reality. By integrating the QR digital links, learners can simply scan and learn much more about the subject.

altThrough a deeper, multifaceted learning experience, learners will be able to comprehend and retain the information more successfully.

The “flipped classroom” is a concept in which learners study the content at home using books and interactive technology and then complete the practice exercises in the classroom, where learning happens through the application of the concepts and the ability to discuss with peers and teachers.

QR codes can help galvanise this type of learning, by ensuring that concepts are readily available online for the learners at home to engage with and learn from. Learners, especially those who have not understood a concept in the classroom, can then access the learning material at their leisure, wherever they are, helping to bridge their knowledge gaps.



Teacher Guides and Resources

DC Creations teachers guide is accompanied by a rich array of media and supplements that incorporate the visuals from the textbook extensively to form an integrated teaching package.

Our complete set of highly visual Teacher Resources comes on a FLASH DRIVE with the Teachers Guide to enhance the classroom experience for the learners. Tailored to the text’s topical coverage and learning objectives, these presentations are designed to convey key text concepts, illustrated by embedded art, videos and animations.

All photographs, figures, experiments, and other visuals from the text are included on the Teacher Resources flash drive and allows you to easily incorporate them into your lessons.

The Teacher’s Resource FLASH DRIVE puts your teaching resources all in one easy-to-reach place:

  • Animations and video clips and animations for every lesson
  • Resources for every lesson in the Unit
  • Test Bank in a Learning Management System - Learner results will be emailed to their teacher
  • Electronic Assessments in the form of QR codes or integrated into a Learning Management System

altTeacher Resource FLASH DRIVE

The FLASH DRIVE includes short video clips illustrating many difficult-to-visualize topics, these animations and videos represent a significant leap forward in teaching presentation aids.

The Teachers Resource FLASH DRIVE comes free of charge with the Teachers Guide. The animations are provided embedded and are compatible for both Windows and Mac computers. The animations include audio narration and a text transcript, with controls that enable teacher’s to turn the text and audio on or off.The FLASH DRIVE includes Resources for each Unit which alleviates your preparation time. The FLASH DRIVE also contains:

Art and Photos – All of the line art, tables, and photos from the text, pre-loaded into the Teacher Resources slides.

It also includes Interactive self marking quizzes and are authored for use in conjunction with the classroom FLASH DRIVE system.