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Geography CAPS Compliant Student Textbook/ Workbook Grade 10 - 12

Our aim is to write workbooks for Geography that provide added value. We have designed an interactive learning experience that will revolutionise your teaching and learning in your classrooms. Your students will be eager to learn when they visualise the concepts you are teaching by using our PowerPoint flash files which include videos and animations for every lesson. These are easily projected onto a screen.

The Student Textbook / Workbook

The student textbook/workbooks have been refined with the goal of focusing students’ efforts and improving their understanding of Geographical concepts.

Written by experienced teachers, the student guide is a comprehensive CAPS curriculum textbook and helps students identify the important points from the text, and then provides them with review exercises, study questions, self-check exercises and vocabulary review.

Please Note: Grade 12 is still in development

Active Learning approach

A new active learning approach in the DC Creations Exploration Series offers students a structured learning path and provides a reliable, consistent framework for mastering the CAPS Geography concepts.Dynamic visual content integrates text and technology

Carefully selected art and photos aid understanding, add realism and heighten student’s interest.

Illustrations bring content to life! Found throughout the book the illustrations are sophisticated and annotated.

Geologist Sketches

Geologist Sketches are incorporated into the text’s visual program, where particular photographs are shown alongside sketched versions of the same image. This visual feature encourages students to see the world through the eyes of a professional geologist.

At a glance diagrams

This section breaks down complex processes into a series of simple figures, helping students to observe, follow, and understand the process.

What is happening in this picture?

This is a feature that presents students with a photograph relevant to chapter topics that illustrates a situation students are not likely to have encountered previously.

The photograph is paired with questions and a discussion of the image designed to stimulate creative thinking.

Concept check - questions at the end of each section give students the opportunity to test their comprehension of the learning objectives, before moving on to the next section.

Illustrations and photos - support and elaborate on concepts covered in the text, allowing students to visualize theoretical concepts within a “real world” setting and contextualize their learning.

Critical and creative thinking questions

Bring together each chapter’s important concepts. They range from simple to more advanced levels, encouraging the students to think critically and develop an analytical understanding of the ideas discussed in the Unit.


Instructors Guide and Teachers DVD

Exploration Series is accompanied by a rich array of media and supplements that incorporate the visuals from the textbook extensively to form a pedagogically cohesive package.

A complete set of highly visual PowerPoint presentations is available on the DVD to enhance classroom presentations. Tailored to the text’s topical coverage and learning objectives, these presentations are designed to convey key text concepts, illustrated by embedded art, videos and animations.

All photographs, figures, maps, and other visuals from the text are included in the PowerPoint flash format that allow you to easily incorporate them into your lessons.

The Instructor’s Resource DVD puts your teaching resources all in one easy-to-reach place:

• Animations and videos of more than 100 key geological processes

• PowerPoint® presentations for each lesson in the Unit

• Student and Instructor’s Manual in PowerPoint flash format

• Test Bank in a Learning Management System


Animations and videos

The DVD includes more than 100 animations and short video clips illustrating many difficult-to-visualize topics, these animations and videos represent a significant leap forward in teaching presentation aids.

Available on CD-ROM and included with the Teachers Guide the Instructor Resource DVD, the animations are provided as Flash files and as links in PowerPoint® slides for both Windows and Mac. The animations include audio narration and a text transcript, with controls that enable teacher’s to turn the text and audio on or off.

The DVD includes PowerPoint files for each Unit which cuts down on your preparation time, no matter what your teaching needs. The DVD also contains:

Art and Photos – All of the line art, tables, and photos from the text, preloaded into PowerPoint slides for easy integration into your presentation.    

Classroom Response System (“Clicker”) Questions – These PowerPoint presentation quizzes are authored for use in conjunction with the classroom DVD system.