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How to Order eBooks

We have a selection of over 350 000 eBooks for you to choose from.

Our digital platform combines the best in education and technology for schools and tertiary institutions. We digitally deliver e-books, educational resources, and high-quality content. We enable 21st-century teaching and learning through user-analytics and ensuring that what we develop, will aid in your learning process. 

Use our integrated platform to easily create flashcards to help you study. Students use the miEbooks app to highlight important text, add notes and freehand sketches, create automated summaries and to create their own flashcards.

Can the e-books in miEbooks reader be used offline?

Yes. You only need Internet access to download your e-books. Once your e-books are downloaded, you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to access/read them.

Can I make annotations (i.e. notes and highlights) in my e-books?

Yes. miEbooks allows users to create freehand sketches, typed notes and highlights inside e-books. You can also generate a summary of all the highlights that have been made. This summary can be exported into a PDF document for the user to print. All annotations are automatically saved on the organisation’s server and the device, and is backed-up in the cloud. This means that should users lose their devices, they can simply download miEbooks on a new device at no extra cost. All notes and highlights that have been made will also be downloaded, along with any additional content that may have been added by educators.

How can I order eBooks?

1. Visit the DC Books Store: