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DC  Creations

Dynamic Curriculum Creations - For all your CAPS and IEB Curriculum requirements and Teacher Resources



Life Skills

Grade 1- 6 Student Books and Teacher Resources

  • All textbooks / workbooks are 100% CAPS compliant
  • The entire teachers guide is also included on a flash drive.
  • Video segments to make teaching more meaningful, fun and  interactive.
  • Terms or sections can be purchased separately depending on the schools requirements.
  • Easy learning through real-life case studies and examples.

Our workbooks allow students to answer activities and tasks within the manual ,therefore there is no need to purchase any additional writing   material for the students.

  • Our students live in a technological world, therefore teaching with technology has become more vital. Teaching with our material brings   technology into the classroom while making learning more interactive, enjoyable and challenging.
  • Our material is very user friendly no matter the technological knowledge of the teacher (onsite training will also be provided)
  • Competitive prices.
  • Our material includes a variety of assessment tools which saves time in the classroom.
  • Online support for teachers. Download additional Life orientation worksheets, activities, assessments and videos.
  • Downloadable Worksheets and videos on current News events helps you to keep the content you are teaching current and interesting

Grade 1-3 Student Books

The Grade 1-3 Student books are available as a set as follows:

Book 1: Beginning Knowledge and Personal and Social Well-being (Textbook and Workbook)

Book 2: Creative and Performing Arts Workbook