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Dynamic Curriculum Creations - For all your CAPS and IEB Curriculum requirements and Teacher Resources

Teacher Resource Flash Drive

Exploration Series for all our subjects is accompanied by a rich array of FREE media resources which includes Videos, animations, interactive content etc. (only available to schools using our learner material) that incorporate the visuals from the textbook extensively to form a comprehensive teaching system.

A complete set of highly visual PowerPoint presentations is available on the Flash Drive to enhance classroom presentations. Tailored to the text’s topical coverage and learning objectives, these presentations are designed to convey key text concepts, illustrated by embedded art, videos and animations. Every lesson for all subjects for the year is in PowerPoint flash format and is included on the Flash Drive. Every lesson includes videos / animations and/or Interactive content. Click here to request a demonstration

All photographs, figures, maps, and other visuals from the text are included in the PowerPoint flash format that allow you to easily incorporate them into your lessons.

The Instructor’s Resource Flash Drive puts your teaching resources all in one easy-to-reach place:

• Animations and videos of more than 100 key concepts per subject

• PowerPoint® presentations for each lesson broken up into Unit and then further into 30 minute slots

• Student and Instructor’s Manual in PowerPoint flash format

• Test Bank in a Learning Management System


The new Quizsmart Assessment System is available for use with our Exploration Series material. It features highly visual questions with immediate, answer-specific feedback. Quizsmart is also available as an examination assessment tool for teachers to use to monitor their  students  progress throughout the year.





Interactive animations help instructors to demonstrate concepts and then allow students to explore those concepts on their own. The animations illuminate the most difficult-to-visualize topics from across the CAPS Geography curriculum.


A new real-world video collection makes clips easily available in a reliable and convenient format.