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Teacher Resources Website

TEACHER - Request Access to this Website HERE (WIKI)

Free Grades 1 - 12 Resources and Teacher Support Website

DC Creations has setup a secure, free website to assist our busy teachers with additional resources (Worksheets, Assessments, Videos, Activities etc.)  that can be used throughout the year to assist you in your classroom teaching. All our resources are CAPS Compliant.

We will constantly update and add to the content on this website. Teachers are also encouraged to collaborate with other teachers using this DC Creations Wiki (a website you can add to and edit)


Worksheets, Assessments and Activities

Although we feel our workbooks,Teachers Guides and Teacher Resources given to all teachers on a flash drive are extremely comprehensive, we also understand that during the year there may be times when additional activities, assessments, worksheets and resources are required to supplement your classroom teaching.

This website will not only provide these resources for teachers to use in their classrooms free of charge but we also allow teachers to request specific content to be added for them. We will also support the teacher on ways that the resources can best be used within the classroom. 

A live chat option allows you to get support from a teacher until 10pm each evening.





Keeping Content Current

We fully understand and encourage the need for our teachers to keep the content they are teaching as current as possible. We also understand how difficult this can be!

We will constant update the Wiki with the latest news which usually includes videos and worksheets to aid our teacher in keeping the content they are teaching as interesting and current as possible.                    




Getting Access to the Free Resources and Teacher Support Website
This website is available free of charge to all Teachers using the DC Creations Student Workbooks and Teachers Guides.

Please click on the following link:

TEACHER - Request Access to this Website HERE (WIKI)

Please Include your Name, Surname, Schools Name and Position within the school when requesting access